Slide Submitted for the Herman Krikhaar prize 2021.

Original artwork | Acrylic paint on canvas | 100 x 100 x 1.5 cm | For Sale | €1750

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065 -
Pretty In Pink
Slide 064 -
It's Coming
On display during the Open Atelierroute Almelo 2021.

Original artwork | Acrylic paint on canvas | 70 x 70 x 1.6 cm | For Sale | €857

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Voor bezinning, inspiratie, het vinden van purpose en nieuwe richting.

About Eva van de Burgt | Art

Do you know that feeling of wonder for the immens beauty of nature? I love to carry that feeling with me all day and share it with others.

The beauty of nature can be found everywhere, even in the city, as long as you look closely. Sometimes it is a refined forget-me-not that grows along the side of a busy road, a scented bush in full bloom, a tree that slowly discolors in all shades of yellow and red and one by one loses its leaves, or nature that wakes up from the first rays of the sun on a fresh spring day.

I would like to capture all those colors, shapes, textures and smells and share it with as many people as possible. In this way, everyone in the daily hustle and bustle can stop and think about what you so easily pass by. Stop, watch and enjoy it for a moment.

A leaf with a raffle, a flower in a different color than all others of its kind; clear blue water and then suddenly an underground sulfur source that erupts in all colors yellow of the rainbow; Imperfection is true beauty.

That’s why I never make my paintings with a final image in my head. I see something in nature, at home I select the colors of paint, spray them at random on the canvas and then I slide the knife through the paint. Let’s see whats happens. Nature is my inspiration and when you release the end result the most beautiful things come into reality.

“I wish my creations will remind people of what life is really about; Awareness of all the simple and marvelous beauty that is there for everyone to experience.”


Purposeful Services

Each painting in our gallery has its own character. Every so often I pay extra attention to a number of my paintings on this website. You read that when you click further on the right. Sometimes there is a thought or a story behind a painting, sometimes not at all and it just comes as it comes. That is the beauty of intuitive painting.

Look at our paintings for a moment and feel which canvas does something special to you. Is it the colors, shapes or texture? Does the artwork tell you something special? Let it take effect on you and enjoy their meaning to you. It’s a message.

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